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Wood Floor Maintenance Tips for Winter

There are some wonderful winter wood floor maintenance tips that will help keep your valuable wooden floors looking beautiful all through the winter season. It is critical to keep wood floors free from excess grime and dirt. Even dust mites that populate during winter can cause extensive damage to wooden floor planks when not cleaned appropriately and frequently.

Pre-Winter Maintenance Care

In Fall, take time to thoroughly dust mop all of the gritty dust mite residue, sand, dirt and other grime up off your wood floors. The wooden floors should then be cleaned with a damp mop and special natural oil soap suited for wood floors before the colder weather begins. Take care to avoid leaving wet water puddles or spills, as any moisture can cause staining and warping if not mopped up quickly. Keep a handy safe-for-wood floor mop by the entryways.

Check Humidity Levels

During hotter weather, more moisture can enter the home. Any inside wooden floors will expand to even out the moisture. When cooler and dryer weather arrives, the humidity inside the home will lower. This will cause the already expanded floor planks to then contract. This contraction can cause damaging gaps in between the wooden floor planks. The dryer air can cause the wood to dry also and become brittle. Over time, this can produce extensive damage that can often only be remedied by putting down new flooring.

To prevent this from occurring, maintain a steadier humidity year round inside the home. A dehumidifier placed in areas prone to wide humidity and temperature changes can deter these undesired gaps from developing in the first place. Set the humidity to maintain a no more than 20 percent shift from moisture to dryness.

Protect Your Floors

Another way to protect valuable wood floors is with area rugs and carpet runners in high traffic areas. Avoid wood damaging vinyl or rubber backing. Use high quality entry way mats to keep outdoor dampness, debris and dirt from being tracked over wood floor areas.

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