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Light or Dark Wood Floor for Your Santa Clarita Home

Should I Choose Dark or Light Wood Flooring?

Shopping for wood flooring for your Santa Clarita home can be intimidating. When thinking about this choice you might only be fixated on design and color. Think again because we are going to evaluate light floors to dark floors in terms of not only how they work with the overall design, but also how they compare with regard to maintenance and cleaning.

Dark Wood

Dark wood flooring is trending now, and has for quite some time. Whether it is a deep-rooted plantation design or a modern New York penthouse, dark wood floors give you a dramatic look. You can combine your dark wood floor with a variety of colors. This makes it very versatile! You can also use this style floor to create a more formal look or a more rustic and casual look. Many people think dark wood flooring is going to automatically look formal, but that is not always the case. Many floor designs include a dark stain to make the floor look more aged and antique.

There are many ways to create a dark wood floor. You can use a naturally dark wood like cherry or walnut or you can use a naturally light wood like pine or oak, and use a dark stain. This allows you more flexibility in choosing the wood species – hickory, for example, is less expensive than walnut hardwood floors, so if you can create the right looks and save money, why not! Dark wood flooring works great with a variety of colors and fabrics and contrary to popular belief – won’t actually make a room look too dark or small.

Light Wood

Light wood floors, like maple hardwood flooring, are very common. They pose many design solutions for your interior. They also offer the space a light palette that you can build off from to create a variety of looks. Floors with a white finish compliment almost everything. You can use a variety of wood species to create a light floor.

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