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Tips for Choosing the Best Carpet for Your Santa Clarita Home

Tips for Choosing the Best Carpet for Your Home

Choosing the best carpet for a home depends on many factors including the decor of the room, how much traffic the space gets, and whether the carpet must be able to hold up under the inevitable spills and stains caused by children, pets, and butterfingered grown-ups. Even the amount of sunlight influences your choice. With a little bit of knowledge on the different carpet types available, you can make sure that you are choosing the best carpet for your Santa Clarita home.


Wool is the standard against which other carpet fibers are measured. A carpet that’s made of pure wool is expensive, so wool is often blended with synthetics. A wool carpet is durable, resists stains, abrasions, fire and water, and is easy to keep clean. It is also soft and luxurious to walk on.


This synthetic is abrasion, insect, and mildew resistant. It sheds dirt and does not crush easily but sometimes pills. It can come in a great range of colors to match the decor of any room.


People like polyester carpets because the colors are very strong and clear. It is cool beneath the feet making it a great choice for warm climates, and it’s mildew and moisture resistant. Unlike other carpets, it can be laid anywhere in the house, including the basement. It resists dirt, but it’s difficult to get oil-based stains out of polyester.


This is a strong, durable fiber that resists mildew, moths, abrasion, and is good at hiding dirt. Unlike a wool carpet, nylon conducts static electricity and needs to be treated for this.


Olefin, or polypropylene, can be used indoors and outdoors, though it doesn’t last as long as nylon or wool. It is soft, light, doesn’t fade in sunlight, and can hold up under powerful cleaners such as bleach. Grease and oil stains are hard to remove.

Hemp and Sisal

These plant fibers are excellent for a natural, casual look in a hallway or small space. Though comfortable to walk on, they absorb stains and aren’t the best choice for homes with children and pets.


Made from the hair of a certain type of goat, mohair brings warmth to a home. However, it does shed and needs to be vacuumed fairly frequently. Some people’s skin can be sensitive to it.

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