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Think Carpet Can’t Stay Cool in Summertime Heat?

One of the most common misconceptions about carpets is that it holds heat. Many homeowners resort to hardwood flooring, thinking it stays cooler in the summer. However, having carpet in summer may actually be the best decision you’ll ever make and here’s why.

Carpet Stays Surprisingly Cool

  • Heat enters and exits a room through the floor. Carpet in summer will stop heat from entering your home through the floor, thus a cooler interior temperature is created. You will be surprised at how cool carpets can be.

  • Other cooling methods are reinforced by carpet in summer. For example, your air conditioning unit is made more effective and efficient by your carpet by stopping the generated cool air from escaping through the floor.

  • Your home gets automatic revamp in the summer through carpets. It is the quickest, easiest way to inject color and sophistication into any area in your home. Your room will get an instant face-lift with the available designs of carpets that you can play with. Also, your floor is soft on the feet, and is protected making them last longer.

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