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The Best Stain Resistant Carpet in Santa Clarita

What Stain Resistant Carpet is Best for Your Home?

If you have ever watched in horror as your toddler spills red juice all over your Santa Clarita carpet, creating a red blob that seems angry and everlasting, you likely know why stain resistant carpet was invented. You also likely wish you had opted to invest a bit more money to protect your beautiful beige carpeting.

Red juice is not the only culprit – dirt, food, pet stains and more can all cause a carpet to appear dingy and worn. If you have a floor that has seen more than its fair share of messes, then investing in stain resistant carpeting may be the best option. While there is no carpet that is 100% stain proof, the types that are labeled as stain resistant make the removal process much easier.

What Makes the Carpet Stain Resistant?

When you begin shopping for carpet that is stain proof, remember this: While some types of carpeting can resist stains naturally, if a carpet is identified or labeled as being stain-resistant, it means it is coated with a special chemical finish that will repel liquid and dirt, helping to prevent them from being able to settle in.

Carpets are made from all types of fabrics, which include nylon, wool, silk, acrylic, polyester and polypropylene. However, due to its powerful resistance and resilience to mildew and abrasion, nylon makes up more than half of all the carpeting sold in the United States.

Benefits of Stain Proof Carpet

While there are several different materials to choose from, if you opt for stain resistant, you will have a carpet that is either infused with a chemical solution prior to going to the carpet mill, or that has chemicals applied during the actual creation process.

Just like the name implies – carpeting that is stain resistant is virtually impermeable to a mess left behind by shoe polish, rust, ink, pet accidents, beverages, and food.

Top Quality Stain Resistant Carpet in Santa Clarita from SCV Floorsmith

If you are searching for the best option for stain resistant carpet in Santa Clarita, you will find SCV Floorsmith offers a number of quality and proven brands, which include:

  • Mohawk Carpet

  • Shaw Carpet

  • Bliss Carpet

  • Beaulieu Carpet

If you want to protect your flooring investment, then stain resistant carpet just makes sense. Contact SCV Floorsmith for more information about what is available for purchase or request a free quote!