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Stevenson Ranch! Protect your Floors from the Rain!

First off, thank GOD it’s finally raining. So Cal was definitely in desperate need of a drenching. However, it’s been so long (especially for us up in Santa Clarita and Stevenson Ranch) that I fear that many of us may have forgotten what rain is. So just a reminder.

The stuff falling out of the sky is called rain. It’s just water so relax. You may have noticed that this stuff (rain) gets everywhere. Clothes get soaked. The roads fill up with it. Floors get all messed up. Check out how to maintain floors at for cleaning tips.

Again, I know that it’s been awhile since us Santa Clarita-ites have actually seen this phenomenon (rain), and some of us may be tempted to run outside and dance around in it. But this is how your home’s entryway becomes a disaster. For anyone who has hardwood or carpet in their entryway, this can end up being a real problem. Below is an article from detailing the ways homeowners can spot water damage. All it takes is one drenched set of clothes left on the carpet to facilitate the growth of mold spores. Or a front door is left open because you and your family ran outside to perform a spontaneous reenactment of “Singing in the Rain”, the water blowing in from the outside can warp and crack any hardwood flooring it seeps into.

Make the right efforts to prevent water damage by making sure you’re NOT tracking water onto carpets or hardwoods. Make sure you have mats outside of the door and make sure you don’t wait until your floor is destroyed to occasionally refinish it with a water resistant coat. And if you DO have hardwood or carpet in your entry way, SWITCH TO WOOD TILE! We are here for Santa Clarita Flooringneeds and if you wanna install the Wood tiles yourself check out our How to install Flooring page at for tips to make the installation process easier or we can install it for you. article