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Pet Friendly Carpet in Santa Clarita

Pet Friendly Carpets for Your Santa Clarita Home

A carpet is something that can change the entire look of a room. Available in a wide variety of sizes and patterns, when carefully selected, it can complete the décor and bring a new dimension to your home. Many people, looking for carpet in Santa Clarita are hesitant to install a carpet because of accidents, which often occur where pets are involved. Fortunately, SCV Floorsmith a leading Santa Clarita carpet sore offers pet friend carpet especially designed and manufactured to eliminate this problem.

SCV Floorsmith Has the Best Options for you

As a Santa Clarita flooring store, we are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding pet stain resistant carpets. We provide free estimates in your home or in our showroom. You will always find reasonable prices, our unmatched guarantee for 100 percent satisfaction on all our work.

Stain Resistant Carpets for Pet Owners

Pet stain resistant means there is a built-in stain resistant barrier that prevents spills from reaching the padding or subfloor beneath the carpet. This is important when a pet has an accident on a carpet that, if not immediately noticed, could cause a permanent stain on a regular carpet. With our pet friendly carpets, such an accident would simply require minor cleaning which would not affect the carpet’s color or construction.

This type of carpet is especially important in the living room area, which is one of the most popular rooms in a home. A pet stain resistant carpet is not only durable but the stain and scratch resistant materials help in keeping the area clean and in like-new condition.

Pet Friendly Carpet Types

At our Santa Clarita flooring store, we present a variety of carpet materials and colors. A tightly woven carpet style, such as Mohawk, Shaw, Bliss, Beaulieu, Frieze or Saxony, is a good choice because they are tightly woven. This means that, unlike those with a loop pile, it will not catch an animal’s claws, tear the carpet and cause permanent damage. Selection of a carpet in Santa Clarita that is the same color as the pet is also a good idea as any shed hair is not noticeable.

We at SCV Floorsmith in Santa Clarita are happy to offer hundreds of pet stain resistant carpets in a wide variety of colors and patterns. As a company that has 30 years of experience in the carpet business, we offer free on-site estimates and work hard to match your requirements with your budget to keep both you and your pets happy.