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Organic Floor Cleaning Solutions for Santa Clarita

Organic Cleaning Solutions for Your Floor

One of the easiest ways to enhance the aesthetics of a room is by keeping floors sparkling clean. It can certainly be expensive to hire professional cleaning services to upkeep the floors in your home, but SCV Floorsmith in Santa Clarita has some simple DIY cleaning solutions, making it easy and affordable to clean your floors. Most of these recipes use ingredients from your pantry, and they work well on all floor types.

Vinegar Solution for Mopping

One of the most basic cleaning options is a vinegar solution, made from equal parts of white vinegar and hot water. As you mop the floors, the vinegar acts as a disinfectant while leaving a nice shine, and the smell dissipates once the floor dries. This vinegar formula is safe to use on all floor types, and it yields powerful results.

Lemon Juice to Shine Wood Floors

If you have wooden floors, you can add some shine to them with three simple ingredients in your kitchen. Mix 1 gallons of hot water, ¾ cup of olive oil, and ½ cup of lemon juice into a solution, and mop your hardwood floor with it. This mixture has a dual function of deep cleaning with the lemon juice, and the olive oil gives it a nice shine. There is no need for rinsing after you mop, as it will dry completely clean.

Borax to Disinfect Your Bathroom

Lastly, if you want a disinfectant solution for a room such as the bathroom that requires regular cleaning, you can utilize the disinfectant recipe. Mix 1 gallon of hot water with ¼ cup of Borax, and you won’t need to rinse the floors after mopping with this either. Borax is a powerful disinfectant and can cut through any mess.

Upgrading your flooring is one of the easiest ways to give your home a complete makeover. Use these easy DIY solutions to keep your new flooring looking beautiful and fresh for years to come. SCV Floorsmith is Santa Clarita’s expert on home flooring solutions. We offer several samples in our showroom along with professional design services and free in-home estimates. Looking to freshen up your home? Visit our website or call us today!