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Laminate Wood Flooring in Santa Clarita

Are you interested in getting the look of hardwood or stone flooring in your home, without the huge price tag that accompanies these options? If so, you should consider the benefit of laminate wood flooring in Santa Clarita. It is more affordable and easier to clean and maintain. Another benefit is how easy this type of flooring is to install, especially compared to its more expensive counterparts.

Learning a bit more about laminate wood flooring from your local Santa Clarita flooring store, including the pros and cons, will help you determine whether or not this is the right option for you.

Pro: Cost

Laminate wood flooring is much more affordable and easier to install than traditional hardwood flooring. If you decide this is the option for you, you will pay (on average) $2 per square foot. The material is also able to be installed on top of any existing flooring you have. There is also the option to use a tongue-and-groove system for installation, which will eliminate the need for glue.

As with any other flooring type, the cost of the product and the labor can vary and you also have to consider factors such as demolition, preparation of the surface, delivery of the flooring and clean-up to get a full estimate of the cost.

Pro: Installation

Most do-it-yourself homeowners love wood laminate because of how easy it is to install. In fact, in just a single weekend you can put down about 300 square feet of this flooring. In the past, each piece would have to be glued together. Thanks to innovation and new products, the installation of this type of flooring are quick and easy.

Pro: Durability

Laminate wood flooring is also extremely dent-resistant. It can also handle scratches fairly well. If you have kids, pets or any high traffic area in your home, this is the material you should choose. On the surface, there is a protective layer that will shield the photographic part under it. In many cases, you will even be provided a warranty, for up to a decade, for this “wear layer.”

Pro: Simple to Clean and Maintain

Unlike real wood, laminate wood flooring is not “fussy.” You do not have to purchase any type of special soap or an unusual tool to ensure it remains clean. Simply sweep the surface with a broom and vacuum it. You can use a damp mop to for sticky areas or spills. There is no need to ever wax the flooring. You can also eliminate the worry of staining since the surface is so durable.

Con: Warping

While the materials used for laminate wood flooring are moisture resistant, there are times that excessive moisture can cause the planks to warp. The fact is, standing pools of water are not good news for any flooring variety. If a traditional hardwood floor became warped, it can be sanded and refinished. This is not a possibility with laminates.

Con: Noisy

If you are wanting to mute sounds, then laminate flooring is not something you should consider. When you walk on this flooring it often sounds hollow. While you have the option to add an acoustic undercoating, it will still not completely eliminate the clacking and clicking that is often heard.

Con: Additional Considerations

There are some people who do not like the fact that laminate wood flooring is not authentic hardwood. While there are wood chips used in the process to make it, that’s it. A laminate floor will provide a higher value for a home, especially when it is put up against carpeting. However, most buyers will be able to tell the difference between natural and faux materials.

Take some time to get to know all the pros and cons of laminate wood flooring. For those who are interested in talking with a pro, they can contact SCV Floorsmith in Santa Clarita to learn more about laminate flooring. This will pay off and help ensure they make an educated decision for their home or business.