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Keep Your Santa Clarita Carpets Fresh for Thanksgiving

Keep Your Carpets Fresh for Thanksgiving

If you are expecting company for your Thanksgiving feast, you may be working on cleaning your home for the occasion. You may be in the process of vacuuming and shampooing your carpet in your Santa Clarita home. All that hard work deserves the ultimate clean carpet for Thanksgiving. Let SCV Floorsmith, your local high quality Santa Clarita carpet store, show you how to have the cleanest carpet that will wow your guests and supply you with a warm home to share with your loved ones.

Clean Your Vacuum

Before you begin your carpet cleaning, make sure you clean your vacuum thoroughly. Empty the bag or cylinder of all dirt and grime. Thoroughly clean the bristle brush that grabs the dirt off your floor. This way, you won’t be putting old dirt back inside your carpet. Use a vacuum cleaner that is high quality to keep your carpet from becoming brittle and worn.

Remove Your Shoes

To have clean carpet for Thanksgiving, make sure you remove your shoes each day before walking on your carpet. This will keep your carpet clean on the days leading up to the big day. When Thanksgiving arrives, make sure your guests know to remove their shoes. They will be more comfortable and so will you.

Clean Spills Immediately

Unfortunately, accidents happen. If something spills on your carpet during the feast or in the days before, make sure you clean it immediately. Use a cleaner that is make specifically for carpet and test it in an unnoticeable spot before you use it. To have clean carpet for Thanksgiving, treat all spills as if they will stain forever.

Keeping your current carpet clean is a must. If you find your carpet needs replaced, now is the perfect time to do so. Carpet is an amazing investment for your home. SCV Floorsmith is the premier Santa Clarita carpet store, complete with all your flooring needs. Replacing your carpet before the holidays adds the perfect touch. Visit our local showroom to choose a carpet that is right for you or visit our website for more options. Allow us to install your new carpet quickly, just in time for the turkey fest.