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Keep Santa Clarita Wood Floors Warm in the Winter

Keep Wood Floors Warm in the Winter

Wood flooring in your home is a beautiful addition. However, during the winter and the cooler months, you may find that your hardwood gets coder than your typical carpet. You may find your feet hitting the cold floor in the morning, no matter how much heat is circulated throughout your home. There are easy solutions to help keep your wood floors warm in the winter that are budget friendly and accessible. Your flooring in Santa Clarita can benefit from some warmth throughout the year.

Rugs Add a Warm Touch

Area rugs, runner rugs and entryway rugs are perfect additions to your home décor and the warmth of your hardwood floor. For example, a shag rug in your living room adds warmth to the floor around your sitting area. A kitchen rug keeps your toes warm as you cook, wash dishes and clean up after that big meal. Rugs add comfort to your home and comfort to your wood floors. This is a simple solution that anyone can add to their home.

Improve Circulation

When rugs just are not enough, you may need to add some much-needed circulation to your home’s wood floors. It may sound difficult; however, this is an easy fix that anyone can use. Air deflectors can be used to redirect the flow of heat throughout your home. You can purchase these plastic shields at any hardware store and attach them to the vents in your home yourself. Simply place them to redirect the heat to the larger wood areas in your home. You will see an improvement in the warmth of your flooring all throughout your home.

Improve the Entrances

Another simple fix is to add weather stripping to all entrances within your home. This will keep cold air out and will reduce the cold air that flows in under the doors and windows. This air will settle in the floor and it can be felt on your feet. You can also lower your electricity bills this way!

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