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How to Refinish Tile Flooring

After some time, your tile floor in Santa Clarita may begin to look faded and stained. Some tiles have cracked or have been chipped off. You have an eyesore that makes the entire area absolutely unattractive. Also, those cracks and chipped off tiles can cause tripping accidents, especially with aging adults.

The quickest solution is to refinish tile flooring. This can be a daunting project but if you are determined, try DIY using products available in home improvement centers near you.

How to Refinish Your Tile Floor

Start with removing trim/caulk from the edge of the tile with a screwdriver. Mix about 4 tablespoon bicarbonate soda and 1 gallon of warm water as cleaning solution. Use a sponge mop and allow 15-20 minutes drying time.

After air-drying your tile floor in Santa Clarita completely, etch the tile surface to ensure treatment gets fully absorbed. Use a course scratchpad and a light acid mixture. Wear protective gears like respirator mask, safety goggles, and hand gloves. For cracked or chipped off tiles, apply waterproof filling. You cannot proceed to refinish tile flooring unless they’re repaired.

Tape off area that needs protection from the resurfacing spray and apply bonding agent primer using a paint sprayer to help bond the spray coat to the tile. Spray in 3 layers and allow 1-2 hours to dry and harden. Once dry, re-caulk the floor edges.

With taking on a DIY project like this, you also take on the risk of further damaging your tile flooring beyond repair. To make sure the job is done right, call on professionals like SCV Floorsmith, a leader in flooring refinishing. Some tile floor just can’t be refinished so if you want to make a new change, SCV Floorsmith has a wide selection of new tiles and quick installation process.