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Hardwood Flooring Choices

Here at SCV Floorsmith, we are the SCV area experts on hardwood flooring. Having the right type of flooring makes all the difference when it comes to the interior appearance of your home, and it can be overwhelming when trying to decide which type of flooring is best suited for your needs.

Many homeowners in Santa Clarita Valley are looking to remodel their homes, and often find themselves lost when exploring hardwood flooring selections. It is important to note that hardwood floors come in many shapes and sizes, and it is important to narrow down the options that best fit your needs in your Santa Clarita home.

Hardwood Floor Selection

First and foremost, the board width is a major item of consideration. There are narrow strips, larger planks, and parquet square options. Traditional choices help the room appear larger, while the alternative parquet floors are better fit for formal spaces. The next item to take into consideration is the wood species. The most common wood used for hardwood flooring include Oak, Maple, and Cherry as they have more durability and hardness. Another factor in the hardwood floor selection is the texture you want. There are some wood and finishes that give a shiny and new look, or you can take the rustic route, which gives the room an antique and timeless character.

Santa Clarita Valley families who have children and pets should take the hardness of the wood into consideration. Selecting a harder wood option, such as Red Oak has the durability to withstand wear and tear from your children and pets. In addition, the finish on the wood will protect the surface. SCV Floorsmith can help you choose the right type of finish that can enhance the color and shine of the wood.

Solid Wood or Engineered Wood

Another important decision to make when choosing hardwood flooring is whether you want solid wood or engineered wood. Solid hardwood comes from a single piece of wood and it can last for decades. Natural solid wood is susceptible to temperature and humidity changes, so it must be nailed or stapled to a wood subfloor. If you choose engineered hardwood, then you will be installing wood that is stitched with cross-grain construction. Having this cross-bred design gives the layers greater stability. In addition, the engineered wood can endure higher humidity so it is often found in baths and basements.

Abundant Renewable Flooring

Many families strive to minimize their negative impact on the environment. Hardwood flooring is the most abundant renewable flooring material that is available to homeowners. SCV Floorsmith provides wood that comes from sustainable forest management groups, ensuring that the hardwood tree renewal rate is greater than the average annual removal. According to the US Department of Agriculture Forest Service, harvesting trees for hardwood floors has a minimal environmental impact. They found that for ever cubic foot of trees harvested, 1.66 are regrown. Not only do hardwood floors help minimize the negative impact on Earth’s environment, but it also improves the air quality inside your home, helping your family breathe better air.

If you are a Santa Clarita Valley homeowner looking to remodel your home, be sure to call our expert team at SCV Floorsmith. Our team will work with you to go through all of the hardwood flooring selections and find the perfect fit for you.