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Get the Look of Rustic Wood Flooring in Santa Clarita

Get the Look of Rustic Wood Flooring

Homeowners in Santa Clarita take pride in the interior design of their homes, and they trust SCV Floorsmith to take care of all their Santa Clarita wood flooring needs. While many interior design trends come and go, there are some classic looks that never go out of style, such as the Rustic wood flooring look.

Rustic Wood Floors Give a Timeless Look

Rustic wood floors are one of the best investments for homeowners who are renovating their homes. When assessing the financial benefit of adding wood floors, a timeless Rustic look is relevant to any home design that may be trending, especially in Santa Clarita. This certainly contributes to the resell value of your home, and allows the flexibility to make aesthetic changes to your living space. It is easy to pair your reclaimed, rustic wood with bold furniture pieces, metallic accents, or more contemporary decorative sets in the room.

The Rustic design style is appealing on both a practical and emotional level. Rustic wood floors create a nostalgic energy which gives people a homely and comforting feel inside the house. Santa Clarita homeowners tend to be drawn towards designs that are authentic and familiar, and floors that already have an “aged” look to it. Rustic floors are already made to look worn-in so the passage of time and inevitable degradation of the floor is less noticeable.

Rustic Wood Flooring Comes in Several Financial Options

Santa Clarita Valley Floorsmith has flooring options that make Rustic restoration affordable for all families in the SCV area. While using reclaimed, stained, or color washed wood is certainly an option, there are some other cost-effective options that homeowners may opt for. Rustic Engineered Hardwood combines the antique look with the versatility of modern materials. Laying a Rustic Laminate on top of your current flooring is another option, and it is also easy to change down the line should you wish to restore your home more frequently. Another popular option is Rustic Tile Flooring, which gives you the same antique look, but shifts away from wood to ceramic material.

If you’ve been considering giving your home a fresh and new facelift, be sure to contact SCV Floorsmith in Santa Clarita for all of your flooring needs. There are many different variations of Rustic flooring, and our expert team can help you find the perfect look for your home that fits your budget. Visit our website for more information and get a free quote!