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Flooring Tricks to Make Any Room Feel Bigger in Santa Clarita

Flooring Tricks to Make Any Room Feel Bigger

It’s common wisdom that any room can be made to look and feel larger than it is with a few design tweaks. While most focus on color schemes, flooring alterations can achieve the same results. Here are just a few simple tricks for Santa Clarita flooring scenarios that will make a space feel much larger.

Opt for Bigger Planks & Tiles

One of the best ways to make a floor enlarge a space is by bumping up the size of constituent elements. For instance, making floor boards an inch or two wider will create the illusion of more square feet. If you go with tile, opt for larger-than-average squares or rectangles.

Shift the Flooring Orientation

Another great way to make a floor seem larger is by accentuating the long axis. For instance, an 8×10 room will appear far more expansive if you lay down boards parallel to the 10-foot-long wall. Shifting tiles and boards by 45 degrees to create a diagonal pattern can also sell the illusion of greater space.

Use Tight Grains and Patterns

When opting for wider planks and tiles, focus on using materials with very small details. For instance, a faux granite tile with fine granulation or a wood with a tight grain will imbue a room with a sense of space. All things being equal, a relatively light color palette is advised.

Pair Light and Dark Surfaces

One popular Santa Clarita flooring scheme that truly makes a difference in cramped spaces is alternating colors. With hardwoods, try staining every other plank a medium dark shade that jives with your walls. If you love tile or stone, be sure to pick colors that allow the texture to shine through.

Use Just One Flooring Material

While it can be fun to mix and match colors, it’s not always best for extremely small rooms. Unifying the flooring on a particular level by using the same material will almost always make each room look bigger. Remove thresholds in doorways to avoid breaking up the flow of the floor.

There’s Rarely One Right Answer

With so many flooring options to choose from, homeowners often don’t know how to proceed. Professional flooring experts from SCV Floorsmith in Santa Clarita can make things a bit more clear. Rest assured that any room can look a lot bigger if you pick the right flooring and install it wisely.