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Easy Halloween Decorating Tips for Your Santa Clarita Home

Easy Halloween Decorating Tips for Your Home

Whether you plan to throw a Halloween bash, or just want to impress the neighborhood with your haunted manor, you can easily decorate for Halloween and still have the most hauntingly perfect house on the block.

Easy Halloween Ideas

  • Jack o’ lanterns are an essential Halloween decoration, but cutting and carving pumpkins can be a messy hassle every year. Hobby and craft stores sell artificial pumpkins you can carve and light. Best of all, you can store them for next season.

  • With a little creativity, and some wood and nails, you can create your own life-sized coffin, which you can use in a dozen different ways such as a cooler to hold drinks for a party. You can also use your coffin for a spooky planter or as a table during a party.

  • Spiders are appropriate for a spooky Halloween theme. You can convert a few black trash bags into a giant spider that fits on your front porch, up in a tree or climbing up your stair rails. You can also make multiple giant spiders and cluster them across the ceilings and on the front and sides of your home.

An often-overlooked part of any interior holiday decorating is your floors. For instance, black and white tiles create a classic look that lasts all year long, but can also be used to your advantage for a spooky look during Halloween. A wood flooring available in a variety of finishes adds a rustic look to everyday life as well as added pizazz for a creepy Halloween theme.

Whether you’re looking for a classic look, or a look that adds a special touch for your holiday decorating, we can help you find exactly what you need. SCV Floorsmith in Santa Clarita offers hundreds of flooring options to match any personality. Visit our showroom to see samples in person or visit our website for some information before you decide to buy. We offer design services and in-home estimates, too!