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Durable Flooring Options for Santa Clarita

Durable Flooring Options

When it comes to foot traffic in your Santa Clarita home, you need a floor that is durable to last. Pets and children can wreak havoc on the wrong flooring, and even business owners need to keep durability in mind. SCV Floorsmith has an immense inventory of durable flooring options to fit any style and design.

Natural Stone is known for its durability, though some stones like marble can wear down faster than you might expect. It still makes a superb choice for kitchens and bathrooms.

Bamboo offers surprising durability and long-lasting flexibility as well as a modern look.

Vinyl Flooring is a classic for a reason – it offers superior resilience and works in any room.

Ceramic and Porcelain hold up great to foot traffic, but the possibility of cracks should be kept in mind.

Laminate Flooring is highly durable, but its durability lasts as long as the coating lasts, which means lots of upkeep.

Solid & Engineered Hardwood floors offer natural durability. With natural wood, your floors can be sanded and buffed when needed. However, engineered hardwood scuffs just as easily as natural wood, but it cannot be sanded as often.

Let us help you sort through the vast amount of flooring options we offer here at SCV Floorsmith in Santa Clarita. Stop in our showroom to see our samples in person and to speak to our professionals. Whatever your household needs are, we can help choose the right type for anyone’s needs. Visit our website and request a professional, free on -site estimate.