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Don’t Be a Resolutioner

(this is Floorsmith’s article that will be appearing in SANTA CLARITA MAGAZINE’S January edition)

I know a guy who loves going to the Stevenson Ranch LA FITNESS gym. He tries to go everyday and he’s been going for years. He tells me that around this time of year, every year, hordes of strange new faces show up at his gym. They crowd the place. They hog the machines. They are a general nuisance to the regulars. He says him and his gym buddies call these new people “resolutioners”. As in their sudden devotion to fitness is only a result of a New Years Resolution to get in shape.

However, after about 8 weeks, usually these resolutioners have all but trickled away. Forgetfulness, business, and laziness prevail and those who were so motivated become less and less so. By spring, the gym belongs to the regulars again.

The point of this story is that the vast majority of people that make resolutions for themselves on January 1st don’t really grasp the concept. Remember, the word “resolution” comes from the word, “resolve”. When you make a resolution you are testing your own resolve. Your ability to get it done. It shouldn’t be something that can just slip away, forgotten under life’s other responsibilities and distractions. It’s a promise to yourself, guys. That’s why it’s called a resolution. “I resolve to get it done this year”.

I get that it can be hard. But if it were easy to get ripped at the gym then you would have done it already. If it were easy to start to learn a new language then you would have done it already. If it were easy to, say, I don’t know, re-do your floors then you would have done it already. We can help you make it easy to find different options of flooring at

So why even wait, right?! Especially on those floors. We here at SCV Floorsmith understand the importance of resolutions, and we want to help Valencia Flooring needs. Those ugly kitchen tiles? Is that your resolution? We can definitely help with that. We can’t really help you get ripped, I mean, we can try but that’s not why we’re in business. Our specialty is floors and we can make that happen for you. That’s why we’re offering FREE carpet and padding tear-up AND moving of furniture for ALL JOBS in January make an appointment online at It’s a new year, might as well knock one of those resolutions out early.