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DIY Floor Installation Could Spell Trouble

Consider DIY floor installation to save some money? You could be asking for trouble. Precision and a certain level of skill are required to do the job right the first time. DIY floor installation, when not done perfectly, can expose your family to floor installation dangers and cost you even more money.

There’s much to consider when tackling DIY floor installation, not to mention the added cost for the following:

  • choosing type of flooring materials

  • ordering and shipping fees for products

  • equipment for removal of old molding

  • tools and supplies needed

  • repairs for mistakes

Be realistic about your level of skills. You will probably be wasting good material and will need to buy another set plus hire a professional to re-do everything. Where’s saving money in that?

For those who are hard-set to get their hands dirty and proceed to DIY, ask yourself if you:

  • have installed flooring in your home before

  • know how to use construction tools properly and safely

  • know how to check the subflooring or joists

  • know how to create a transition between different flooring levels

  • know how to safely remove old flooring material and prep the subfloor

  • know how to replace subflooring or check for water damage and mold

  • are ready to expose your loved ones to floor installation dangers such as slip and fall accidents caused by uneven surfaces.

Whereas when hiring a professional flooring contractor, you get to have people do the dirty work for you since your money covers the following:

  • preparation and installation labor fees

  • all materials needed for installation or repair

  • clean up and removal of debris

You may seem to be paying extra but you are guaranteed of high-quality work, free of all the hassle and floor installation dangers that DIY floor installation can bring. Contact SCV Floorsmith, the go-to flooring store in Santa Clarita. We offer professional floor installation that will do the job right the first time so you can have your new floors quickly and without the headache.