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Color: Carpet’s Advantage

The number one thing that Santa Clarita Flooring Companies can help clients with is the right color. (make an appointment at our contact us page at, we can send our interior designer to come help you choose the right one) Color is far and away the number one priority for people looking into new carpets. Things like texture and pattern and price are always important. Of course there are many times where one of these categories will supersede color in terms of importance. But generally color will always stay at the forefront of the customer’s mind when looking for new carpeting. Carpet doesn’t have the variety of looks that hardwood and tile enjoy. There is no “distressed” carpeting. There is no exotic “Italian” carpeting. It’s just carpet.

So how does carpet stand out amongst its other flooring peers? Where does it excel? Color. No other flooring comes with the enormous spectrum of colors carpet does. Carpet can emulate any source of color. From bright, phosphorescent, attention grabbers to more subdued, Earthy, natural tones; carpet is the most dynamic option in terms of color. When paired wisely with the right wall paint, a good carpet can be as stunning as a hardwood floor. SCV Floorsmith is a number one Santa Clarita Flooring company for a reason not only do we do the job right but we help you find the right color, book an appointment now at

So what brands offer the best carpets with the widest range of colors? Shaw’s Caress line is actually designed to reflect and complement color hues found in nature. 50 colors, to be specific, inspired from everything between ocean sunsets to Spring meadows. The Caress line from Shaw is a required stop for those searching for high quality carpets with a vast array of colors. Come by SCV Floorsmith to check out the Caress rack, featured in the picture above. If you look hard enough you could probably find a carpet to match the hills around Santa Clarita itself!