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Choosing the Best Carpet for My Santa Clarita Home

Getting the right carpet can dictate the quality of your home. Choosing the right one can take time because of multiple factors to consider. Use the following tips to help steer you towards choosing the right carpet for your Santa Clarita home.

Pets and Children

If you have pets or young children, you need to think about their way of living. Carpet should be very durable and comfortable, so it can last a long time. Look for a carpet that has stain protection and the ability to ‘hide’ small imperfections. A carpet with flecks of color is a good idea. Also ask about fiber types such as nylon or wool, and carpet type such as loop or twist – each type will give you a different length of durability.

Think About Cost

Usually, the price of carpet is directly related to the quality, but this isn’t always the case. Going for the most high quality carpet with intricate design in the color may not be wise if you are on a sturdy budget. Start by figuring out your budget and ask to see only the carpet options that fit within that range.


The density is how close pile yarn in the carpet tufts are to one another. If it’s denser, it will stand straighter and crush less. However, if it’s dense, it also means it will have a rougher texture. You need to distinguish if you want to go for a softer material or a carpet that will last longer.

Thinking About Style

You should think about the room and what kind of style would go best with everything else. Do you want a bold wow-factor style carpet? Do you want a classic design? Or do you want a clean, blank canvas?

The floor needs to match the other room furnishings, along with the walls and every aspect of the room. If you plan on changing the area down the road, going for a neutral color that can easily match different styles would be a good choice. If you want to express yourself with a bold pattern or a funky color – you are sure to find a carpet to match your personality.

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