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Carpet Color and Pattern Trends in Santa Clarita

Carpet Color and Pattern Trends

Carpet trends are constantly evolving with advances in technology, shape, color, style, and texture. Carpets are no longer limited to being neutral backgrounds for stand-out furnishings. Now, with advances in carpeting texture, pattern and color, Santa Clarita flooring is an exciting element in your interior design. See what’s hot now in Santa Clarita carpet trends.

From Beige to Bright

While beige, grey, “greige”, and cream carpets remain popular, colors such as pale yellow, pinks, soft greens, and light blues are the newest neutral in Santa Clarita carpet. Carpet tiles in various shades of these eye-catching hues are creating dynamic commercial spaces. In busy areas that have a lot of traffic, darker versions of these colors can reduce maintenance headaches.

Another seemingly contrary trend is wall-to-wall white or off-white carpet. While traditionally homeowners have avoided light colors, advancements in stain-resistance have made it easy to maintain lighter carpets. Another trend is, blending of earthy neutrals with bright colors to hide soil, lint and dust. Further, sprinkling flecks of color against neutral backgrounds hides stains while adding an interesting design element.

Homespun Texture

In neutral carpeting, the trend has moved toward texture and pattern. Bolder looks are being created in beige, cream, grey and tan carpets by combining extreme differences in pile cut. Variable pile heights and mixes of cut and loop piles create pattern in single color carpets. Today, carpet tufting and weaving machines can create carpets in any conceivable pattern. Further, carpets of various materials, colors, and designs are sharing spaces more often.

Carpet tiles of various sizes and shapes are being combined to create unique designs that are effectively art for your floors. Coordinating other carpet patterns with other patterns in the room enhances the perception of quality in a carpet.

Comfort and Nostalgia

Comfort has become a leading factor in choosing carpets. In bedrooms and other areas that have little wear, plush velvet and shag pile carpets are so comfy. Also, blends of wool, silk, linen and cotton add luxury to your sanctuary. Santa Clarita flooring designers are feeling nostalgic for carpets that are comforting.

Stop in to SCV Floorsmith in Santa Clarita today and be amazed at all the options we offer when it comes to funky styles, cool colors, and amazing textured carpets. It’s time to make your carpet the center of attention.