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All About Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring has come a long way in the past twenty years here in Santa Clarita. Formerly a niche product for particularly eco-conscious consumers, new manufacturing methods have turned bamboo into wood flooring that can easily compete with hardwood flooring.

How Bamboo Flooring is Made

The type of bamboo used for flooring grows very rapidly, up to 8″ in diameter over a short five year growing period. When it is mature, it is harvested stalk by stalk to preserve the soil and avoid the ecological impact of clear cutting. The prepared stalks are sliced into strips which are either bonded in a horizontal or vertical pattern, or strand woven into a solid mass, and milled into floor boards.

Bonded vs. Strand Woven Bamboo

Horizontally bonded bamboo strips make the best use of each strip, but are somewhat more likely to show dents when compared to other styles. Vertically bonded strips are less likely to show dents, but use bamboo less efficiently and are generally difficult to stain. Strand woven bamboo is up to three times denser than other types of bamboo flooring, and can be given virtually any stain or surface treatment the owner desires. If looks are a consideration, bamboo strips that are arranged vertically or horizontally give flooring a unique look characteristic of the material, while strand woven boards can be made to look like any type of wood.

Things to Consider

While bamboo is a viable, affordable, eco-friendly alternative to hardwood, there are some potential sticking points to consider before installation. Though strand woven boards are dense, they can still be damaged by the same things that can damage wood. Since all bamboo flooring requires adhesive, low-quality products can give off gas volatile organic compounds for an extended period of time. Unfortunately, since bamboo is rapidly gaining popularity, there are a lot of dubious marketing claims about quality that can make it difficult for a layperson to choose a responsibly-sourced, durable, environmentally-friendly product.

Bamboo flooring is a durable, attractive option that’s perfect for many homes. If you’re considering upgrading your flooring, don’t worry about the hassle, guesswork, and labor involved in finding and installing quality bamboo. SCV Floorsmith of Santa Clarita can help you get the floor of your dreams. Call or visit us today for a consultation and free estimate.