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4 Things to Know When Selecting Carpet

1. Room Function

Carpet choices should reflect the room. A dining room may experience more spills and food stains than a formal living area. Deciding on color and fabric options means taking into account how you use the room. Heavy traffic areas, access to the outdoors and pet traffic are just some considerations to keep in mind. Be prepared to answer these questions and more when speaking to a dealer.

2. Style

There are many color and style options available when deciding to have carpet installed. Knowing the main function of the room will help when making these decisions. Heavy traffic areas may benefit from a more sturdy weave and darker color. Smaller rooms will feel much more spacious with a lighter color. Rooms with access to the outdoors may be better suited to darker heavier carpeting than a formal room with only occasional use.

3. Budget

Budget considerations are important when making decisions about carpet choices. Are you having the whole house re-carpeted to put it on the market? Has your old carpeting seen the end of its appeal? What is the floor area of the room you are re-carpeting? Having an idea of the size of your project and the purpose will help you and your dealer decide on the right carpeting for your budget.

4. Carpet Technology

Today carpet comes with many advanced features that can increase the longevity of your carpet. Manufacturers are adding durable fiber technology that eliminates static and protects against stains as well as reduce the effects of wear from traffic. Your dealer should discuss all of these options with you when helping you decide on the best carpet for your home.

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