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10 Questions to Ask Yourself When Buying New Floors

Flooring plays a vital role in the overall look of your house. A wrong decision in flooring may leave you grappling with extra costs. These 10 questions to ask yourself when buying new floors for your Santa Clarita home may help you avoid that hassle.

1. What part of the house are you flooring?

Different areas of your house are susceptible to different conditions. You may want to choose hard flooring for areas prone to harsher conditions.

2. Will the residents of the house react to the flooring?

It is wise to consider household members with sensitivity to allergens such as fur and dust. In this case, hard floors are more desirable.

3. Do you have children?

Kids are typically playful and highly active. To avoid accidents, consider a floor with more grip over smoother flooring.

4. Does the floor need constant care?

For the highly active homeowner, a floor that needs constant care would be a poor choice. If you’re constantly on the move, you may need to consider flooring that can be attended to easily.

5. What is the expertise level required to install the floor? While it is possible to carry out some installations yourself, some floors require experts to handle.

6. What is the level of traffic?

Redoing your floors can be a challenging time. As such, you need to weigh the floor material vis a vis the traffic in the target area. Floors that are more susceptible to damage can be installed in areas of the house that don’t experience high traffic.

7. What sort of finish is right for you?

Floor finish can either be done at the site or the factory. If you prefer to keep design options open, you could opt for site finishing. However, if you have already identified the design, the finishing can be done at the factory and installed in the house.

8. How is the area climate?

Hard floors tend to be affected minimally by conditions such as humidity. If members of your household constantly track water into the house, it may have negative long-term effects.

9. What color do I need?

Floors have been shown to have an effect on the ambiance of the house. Dark floors might make the room appear smaller while brighter floors enhance lighting and overall look of the house.

10. Can you accessorize?

Some floors look good by themselves, and that may limit your decoration options. If you would like rugs and carpets, you may need to look for floors that work better with accessories.

The professionals at SCV Floorsmith in Santa Clarita are readily available to help you make the hard calls on your flooring needs. From free in-home estimates to professional design consultations, SCV Floorsmith has you fully covered so you can make your house a home. Call today or visit our website so we can take the headache out of the stressful buying process.