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10 Home Decor Trends for 2017

For 2017, we are sure to see these top 10 design trends surface in the coming months. The following are just some of the hottest new trends to use in your Santa Clarita home.

1. Farm house style and the rustic look are becoming extremely popular in homes nowadays. The rustic look makes an individual feel more “at home” in their own personal space, as this type of environment can bring a touch of the past to the present.

2. Marble wallpaper is quickly becoming one of the hottest trends in design. The patterns are large, bold, and resemble actual marble closely. In high end and moderately priced residential homes, marble wallpaper is sought after as a way to bring visual texture and surface appeal to walls.

3. Acrylic decor and accessories made of acrylic plastic have a minimalist look that can be quite dynamic while bringing a contemporary appeal to a space.

4. Wood tile for accents, fireplaces, and walls has become a staple in those who seek a rustic and neutral-toned approach to design. There’s no better place to shop for wood tile than SCV Floorsmith.

5. Copper accents as table accessories, in lamps, and in art can be used to bring a metallic life to a space. Plus, they reflect light, only adding to the visual dynamic.

6. Indoor plants and vines have always been a part of many people’s homes. Expect to see a plethora of new plant life in homes in 2017.

7. The cozy comfort of thick Hygge blankets, throws, and comforters are what areas in Scandinavia use to survive cold winters. Bring this cozy, warm, and soft feel to your home by introducing the Hygge look.

8. Navy blue has become increasingly popular in recent months. The color enhances focus, and stimulates creativity.

9. A modern nightstand is a quick way to bring a functionality and style to your home in a minimalist way.

10. Heated floors are quick and easy to install. Here at SCV Floorsmith in Santa Clarita, we can bring warmth to your flooring at an affordable cost.

SCV Floorsmith is your premier flooring store in Santa Clarita. We offer design services to help you with current décor trends to give your home a fresh and fun makeover. Visit our showroom to view all kinds of samples in person and get your new floorings quick with professional installation. You’d be amazed at how a new floor can update your home along with a few of these design trends.