Tools and Materials

  • Flooring you are installing/Transition and Molding

  • Flooring Adhesive/adhesive trowel/Cleaner

  • Circular Saw, Table Saw/ Dead Blow Hammer

  • Nylon Tapping Block/Pry Bar/Spacers/Pencil/Tape Measure

  • Wood Glue/Hammer/Finish Nails/Safety Glasses/Dust Mask

  • Work Gloves/Knee Pads/First Aid Kit


Floating Floors

Remove quarter round or baseboard, Take the underlayment and over the length of the room and cut to its size.


(Special note: plastic side down when laying the foam mat in place, tape the seams for a watertight seal)


The laminate may be laid in the full board in place and measure for when the cuts need to be made. Use a miter saw to make the cuts. (Caution, please use safety equipment such as safety goggles, gloves, and distractions or any on falling or tripping)


Laminate first raw in from the wall (note each product requires expansion space use spacers)


Laminate the second row by interlocking the click locking system and using a wood board and a laminate wood mallet tap the floors in place, also for stability and for the right look start the second row of next plank with a half to the third piece to give it more throughout look


Laminate third row and on with a staggered pattern


Finish Laminate with the right transition to finish the project (special note for do it yourselfers this is they are to take caution and order the right transition)


Glue down Floors


Remove quarter round or baseboard