The most important decision in selecting hardwood floors is finding the right color.

SCVFloorsmith can help you select the right color.


  • When selecting the right color of hardwood floor, room size, texture of the walls, furniture, ceiling heights should be your main consideration

  • Be care of darker colors which can make a room look smaller and will make the room look gloomy and dense

  • While darker shades usually translate into a more formal look, they also bring out the warmth in other elements of décor

  • Light colored walls and light color floors are recommended for low ceiling room

  • Matte finish with natural color hardwood will conceal scratches the best

  • Remember that color of your floor should not match (or be identical to) the color of your furniture or walls. Go with colors that contrast and complement each other.

  • Get ideas from photo of interior design magazine and use virtual decorating software to give you ideas, most importantly visit us at our SCV Floorsmith showroom in Santa Clarita. Please take advantage of taking the sample home to help you find the right flooring. While photos of interiors and virtual decorator software may give you a general idea of what the end result might be, nothing will inform your decision better than seeing the floor color on-site, in natural light.

  • Natural unstained wood or traditional shades of brown will give you more of a classic look. Also Chestnut or walnut stains will do the same.

  • Modern homes more popular choices will be dark and black tones

  • Bold and deep colors, such as various shades of red (think natural Jatoba or Santos Mahogany, or oak and ash stained in similar colors), add character to offices, public interiors and other spaces, where large open space makes flooring a central element of décor.



The second most important factor to consider in selecting hardwood floors is the right options.


  • Board width can come in narrow strip (less than 3 inches) which gives more of a traditional look and gives the illusion of more space in a room, wider plank (more than 3 inches) will give more of a rustic look.

  • ‘Wood species very in durability, grain patterns, and color. Santa Clarita hardwood flooring industries most popular woods are oak, maple, and cherry. For more striking appearance consider exotic woods such as mahogany and Brazilian cherry.

  • colors can run the gamut from blond to black, depending on species and finish.

  • Texture for hardwood floors can be new and shiny or can be offered in distressed or hand-scraped look, this will disguise heavy use over the years.

  • Hardness is very important for household with pets and younger kids, it is a good idea to consider species such as read oak, which will withstand tear and wear. Avoid softer species such as pine, it tends to show scratches.

  • Hardwood Finish in most engineered floors are usually pre-finished. These factory-applied finishes generally have a longer warranty as they are longer lasting and more durable than site-applied finishes. Some homeowners prefer site-finished floors due to the wider selection of stain colors and the opportunity to hone the surface and even out imperfections after the boards are in place. Boards are also easier to repair if damaged. Urethanes are the most common type of finish.

 The third most important factor to consider are the little things.


  • Hardwood floors can be installed in any room except full baths or laundry rooms.

  • Hardwood floors are the most popular for installation into the main areas, avoid full bathrooms or laundry rooms.

  • Hardwood floors can be delicate, please keep your pets’ nails trimmed to avoid scratching the floor. Also the floors are hard, please lay a mat for your dog to lie down comfortably.

  • Hardwood floors spills must be cleaned immediately, and lay a mat under water dishes.

  • Underlayment products provide a base for the floor. This layer also limits noise, and adds insulation. Cushioned materials such as cork and form are ideal beneath floating floors. Vinyl- and plastic-lined underlayment are best in moisture-prone areas. Manufacturers offer many options and featuring a variety of benefits and price points.

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