The most important decision in selecting carpet is the right color:

Choosing the right color is the most difficult decision for customers, for several reasons. It can be tough to visualize the color in a large space, judging from a tiny swatch. A color change can have a dramatic effect, and sometimes even though a change is desired, it can be a bit scary. Occasionally, customers have a hard time because the color they like doesn’t suit their lifestyle


  • Do not try to choose your carpet color in the store! Looking at the color in your home, in the room or area where the carpet will be installed, is the most important step you can take when selecting your color.

  • Ask the salesperson for a sample of the carpet that you can take home. Every Santa Clarita flooring company will provide you with a sample of the carpet, even if it is a small swatch in a sample book. Our mobile Santa Clarita flooring showroom is packed with 100’s of samples that lets you see the color in your home. SCV Floorsmith is a leader in helping homeowners find the right product, our designers can help you pick the right carpet colors.

  • The best way to get a feel for the color is to leave the sample in place for a day or two. That will give you the opportunity to view the color in all types of lighting (during the day in the sunlight, and at night with the indoor lights turned on). Look at the sample often but try not to stare at it. Just look over at it every time you enter the room, and throw an occasional glance its way

  • Neutral colors are the biggest sellers in carpeting. Carpet has a big impact in a room, and a bright color in a large expanse can be overpowering.

  • You are best to keep the color on the floor neutral, and opt for using the brighter or bolder colors in other

  • Carpet has dye lots – that is, the color may vary slightly from one roll of carpet to another. Usually the difference is very minor, and barely detectable. However, manufacturers do allow for difference, and it is not considered a defect.

  • The carpet color can alter the entire feel of a room, so be sure to select your color carefully and wisely. Think about how trends may change over the years, and be sure that the color you love today will still appeal to you down the road

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The second most important factor in purchasing right carpet is the Fiber type:


The Top four Carpet Fibers used by Santa Clarita Flooring Company today are Nylon, Polypropylene, Polyester, and Wool. SCV will discuss each of their individual Pros and Cons




1. NYLON is utilized in approximately 65% of the carpet sold in the U.S.



  • It is a very durable fiber with excellent performance characteristics.

  • Its strengths include good resiliency, good yarn memory to hold twist, good carpet cleaning.

  • It is not inherently stain resistant, because of this most nylons are treated with a stain treatment for protection against household spills and stain.

  • It is abrasion resistance, and is manufactured in both BCF and staple fiber.

  • It is the strongest
    fiber, making it an excellent choice for the heavy traffic of an active household or commercial facility.


  • It is the most durable of the synthetics fiber carpets.

  • It is soil and mildew resistant and resilient, but is prone to static.

  • It is anti-static treatment reduces carpet static.

  • Nylon has Continuous filament fibers, which minimize pilling and shedding.



  • Nylon typically cost more compare to other fibers.

  • Nylon can have a fading issues in area were sun exposure is heavy.

  • Nylon can leave heavy vacuum marks.

3. POLYPROPYLENE (Olefin) makes up about 30 % of the fiber used in U.S. carpet manufacturing today. It is the fastest growing carpet fiber in Santa Clarita Flooring purchases today.



  • It is very inexpensive to make.

  • It is extremely resistant to stains, fading, and moisture.

  • It is solution dyed, which means the color is added during the time of production and not dyed after.

  • It can be cleaned with bleach.

  • It is resistance to sun fading.


2. POLYESTER versatility as a carpet fiber continues to grow. Polyester fiber produces some of the most beautiful colorations available.



  • It has exceptional softness; making it ideal for thick, cut pile styles.

  • It has naturally and permanently stain resistant and fade resistant.

  • It has excellent color clarity, color retention, strength, and abrasion resistance.

  • It is easily cleaned and they resist water-soluble stains.

  • It is a fiber that has been reclaimed from post consumer products.


  • Avoid high pile heights with low-density construction. These products tend to flatten.

  • Polyester is susceptible to piling, shedding and oil-based Stains.

4. WOOL remains a premier fiber in Santa Clarita Flooring industry. Because it is the most expensive carpet fiber, wool is generally used only in luxury carpets and area rugs.



  • It has yields a soft, warm, comfortable feel.

  • It has ages well and is easy to clean.


  • Wool does not possess natural resistance to moisture or abrasion.

  • Wool holds 10 times its weight in moisture, it is susceptible to shrinking and mold and mildew growth.



  • Polypropylene is not recommended for heavy traffic. (In school not a good idea, but in your family room the carpet will perform well)

  • Polypropylene has a limited color selection.

  • Polypropylene fiber can have issues with crushing.